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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Start @ 7:15pm


  • Business Cards that could be handed out while on the trail, through training and etc, cards would contain contact info for the club (facebook, web, email). Vista Print would be one place to look

  • Canada Day

  • Parade

  • Booth

  • BBQ Meet and greet kinda thing maybe at a campground gazebo or similar.

  • A concession trailer rental and maybe a portion of revenue goes towards club.

  • Plan for 2020 Trade Show

  • Before a ride do a general meeting.

  • John M. has been talking with owner of Imagine that about hats, shirts, jackets ect. Would it be good to gather ideas for items like this for what people would like.

  • A poker ride would be nice but trails need some maintenance first.

  • Be sure to recognize sponsors through posts, thanx ect.


  • A towable excavator was purchased for trail maintenance from Princess auto in Grande Prairie. Regular price was $4999.99 We got a great deal! ($3464.99) after tax.

  • A local welding shop Braymar Manufacturing has done extra work to it for strength, mounts, mods. 2 days of work and Brent had us cover some materials for ($210). Mounted an ammo box for tools, added mounts for the outriggers while towing, added tow and tie down points, ⅜ chin hook on bucket, built a blade and a ripper tooth.

  • Insurance as it will be outside most of the year initially is $350 but not known yet what that will fully cover ex towing liability, theft ect.

  • Jason S. has spare fire extinguisher(s) for it and Lyette P. was going to see about getting a spill kit for it as well.


  • Mulitia Muffler has said that will Line-x the inside of the small aluminum tow behind trailer the club currently owns for free.

  • Would be good to get the word out to people if they can submit any time spent doing trail maintenance to the club for submission at end of year to parks and rec.

  • Petron has said they will sell at cost to the club.

  • SPOT ($250 + tax)

  • INREACH ($400 + tax)

  • Bivy stick is another type of communicator that is out there as well that uses the Iridium network.

  • Local business have said they could provide certain discounts (parts) for club members that present membership cards

  • Shamrock (10% parts)

  • Fast Trax Mountainsports (10% parts)

  • Fort St. John Honda (10% parts)

  • Mr. Mikes (10% food)

  • CNRL is giving us Marks Work Warehouse 10% off discount cards. These can be picked up at the meetings.

  • Trail-Blazin will donate a door prize for one of the meetings as they offer a discount for people who have purchased machines through them.

  • Still waiting on several other businesses to reply

  • FSJ Honda has donated a small quad to which the club can do with what it likes (prize, raffle ect). The quad does need a few parts to get fully working.

  • Shannon W. is going to make up copies of the club brochure.

  • Need the Man hours and number of people.

  • It was brought up about the club having a form of satellite communicator available for members to use during rides where there would be no service.

  • This would have to be looked into further as to options that could be done.


  • Starting section needs the most work atm, ministry should be contacted about what the club is allowed to do in regards to permits ect for some improvements/work to be done on this area. There are some present at the meeting with tickets required to run equipment, earth disturbance ect.

  • Peace Country may have some of the small equipment that would be need for this section.

  • A bypass was found for muskeg alley but will be looked into further later.

  • The trail will have to be remapped as the start area is no longer the same as well as some other sections.

  • Jerry T. was the winner of the door prize for tonight's meeting.

END @ 8:30pm

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The first meeting of the year will be on Tuesday April 2nd at 7pm at Northern Lights College room 104.

This will be in the main doors and to the left.

There will be a door prize for anyone to enter that is a member of the club.

The first door prize is sponsored by Backcountry! See Pic Below.

Membership books will be available for those who want to sign up.

Memberships are $60 each, $100 Couple, $120 Family. Cash or Cheque.

A laptop will be available to sign up on line with a credit card.

Members this year will also benefit from discounts at local Dealerships!

More info to follow at the meeting.

Discussions on trail maintenance and rides.

Hope to see you there!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

2018-2019  Board of Directors

2018-2019 Board of Directors


Joe Bourque

Vic President

Chris Eklund


Derry Randall


Jason Sawchuk

Additional Directors

John Deschenes

John Martin

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