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2015-2016 Board of Directors


Stephen Cameron

Vic President

Joe Bourque


Tyler McRoberts


Jason Sawchuk

Additional Directors

Kevin Hamilton

Anthoney Santucci

Chris Eklund

Quote" As well an ICBC-issued numbered sticker will be available in early fall when registering an off-road vehicle (ORV) for those users who would prefer a sticker instead of a registration number plate. The addition of a sticker addresses a key request from off-road motorcycle and snowmobile groups. The sticker will be a similar size as the number plate, and combined cost for registration and sticker will be the same as with the plate option - $48. ORV owners that choose the sticker will be responsible for removing the sticker if the vehicle is resold.

Read the complete article below.

Talks concerning this staging area are taking place and the BigBam Ski Society has agreed to allow the use of aportionof their land for the all trail users.

We are working out further details to bring our groups closer together as we work toward a commen goal of getting people out to access the many Rec oppertunities in the area.

Further dertails to follow.

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