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Information and Pricing

The Moose ATV Club is affiliated with our provincial body "ATV/BC"

Memberships are available through the Moose club 
or directly online through ATVBC's website at

To Join, select your desired ATV/BC membership and then select the Moose ATV Club from the list on the website. 


Moose Memberships with ATVBC

- MOOSE Primary membership (single)  $20 + ATVBC Primary $40=$60

- MOOSE Secondary membership add +$15 + ATVBC Secondary $25=$100
(Includes Primary and secondary memberships. eg: Spouse or second member of the same household)


- MOOSE Family membership $45 + ATVBC Primary $40 + ATVBC Secondary $25 + ATVBC Family $10  
(Moose Family & ATVBC Family includes, 3 or more members of the same household)

eg: Dad, Mom, 2 Kids=MOOSE Family $45 + ATVBC Primary $40 + ATVBC Secondary $25 + ATVBC Family $10=$120



ATVBC will mail a Decal and welcome letter to you once you have purchased your membership online.


When you join ATV/BC you are supporting an organization that directly supports the Moose Atv Club. As welll ATV/BC works on your behalf to keep motorized access open and help create new riding oppertunities throughout the Province of BC.  ATV/BC works with 40+ Atv Clubs from across BC who are working in their areas to Promote our great sport!



What will you receive by becoming a member?

The Knowledge that you are helping to support motorized recreation in the peace region, your dollers are put towards
trail improvments and club projects. 


Benefits of Memberships with ATVBC. 
25% off general liability and comprehensive insurance; an additional 10% off if you've completed a rider safety course. 
(You can contact the Club for information on available courses)

Additionally another 10% off your insurance costs if you have a chipped key or anti theft device on your atv or sxs
(check with you insurance provider to see if you qualify)

+ another 5% off exclusivly through Oasis (Got Toys insurance) if you have "no claims" in the previous year.

You can also get additional protection insurance on physical damage as well as personal injury.
Contact Oasis (Got Toys Insurance) for further information.





If you have any questions or would like more information on becoming a member, you can

contact the club at: or 250-787-7795.

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